Hi -

You're likely somewhere in the KO class of the late 80s to the mid 90s if you're even spending time in here or a bit later... hope you enjoy.

A lot of these are a bit iffy quality to me but good enough for a fun memory or two - I was learning photography in high school as I went and continue to learn every time I shoot, even today.  

But, the price is right - every single image should have "downloads" turned on for free so you can do what you like with the full-size image in as big a resolution as I kept from the scans. Look for the "download" icon at the bottom of the vertical line of icons when viewing an individual image to download any image you're looking at for free.  If you do want physical prints you can download and print yourself or order through this site - all prints would be set through the regular pro-lab in California that smugmug uses and come out as nice as they possibly can come out given the quality of the scan.  If you see dust/scratches/spots - they'll be in the print - just don't want to surprise anyone.

I'm sure I lost a couple of boxes (likely a couple of hundred rolls of film lost) in the past 3 decades and multiple cross country moves - but this is everything that I had when I sat down to scan in 2020 during the Coronapocalypse.  I have scanned it in at a reasonably high resolution and disposed of the physical negatives, slides, and prints to no longer have multiple cubic feet haunting me with a project in the future and it feels good to be done with the project.

My Facebook and Instagram are linked to in the lower left of this site and I can be reached on private messaging on either.

If you do enjoy and this sparks even one neuron of good thoughts about a lifelong friend you made at KO, about a teacher who made a positive impact, about the skills you walked away from the school with that led to making some aspect of your future life that much easier or better - please, give a bit back to Kingswood-Oxford: click here to donate.  For years and years our class (1992, and honestly +/- a couple years) has had a low participation in giving even compared to the classes around us.  I'd love to see as many of us chip in $20 and have the highest percentage for participation so I don't have to take such a ribbing from the fundraising chair. 

I'm on the board at KO now;  when I go up to CT for the meetings I'd LOVE to hear from you - I'll even buy dinner!  Just to get a chance to catch up and hear about how you spend your time, what makes you excited, how are you and/or your family doing.  I moved away from CT after graduation and really feel I missed out on the extended network of knowing each of you - and while keeping up on Facebook is fine and fun - nowhere near as fun as actually seeing you.

If you're ever in Atlanta stop on in - I'm in the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta, GA and walking distance to Lennox Mall and Phipps Plaza with great restaurants in the area.  You have my contact information right here - no excuses.

Enjoy - I hope you like seeing some friends or acquaintances from 30 years ago.


Dave Quick


425-890-7565 (cell)

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